It all starts with Canobi Smart Controllers

 Each Canobi Smart Air Sensor controller:

  • Connects up to 6 different sensors

  • Can be mounted on the roof, wall or frame

  • Is adjustable in height

  • Connects via the Canobi MeshNet WiFi network for easy deployment

  • Can be powered by standard micro-usb or our Canobi PowerNet

  • Can be outfitted with battery backup

Industrial Grade

Grow rooms are hostile environments for many reasons. If your sensors are not reliable neither are the decisions you make based on their feedback. Our sensors withstand tough conditions, so you can be confident in your decisions.

24/7 Monitoring

By default every Canobi Air Sensor takes a reading every 30 seconds, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and then records that data to the networked Canobi base station for unparalleled reliability and business continuity.

High Resolution

Canobi Sensors can be placed in a horizontal and vertical grid providing the highest possible definition view of your grow environment. Use this 3D map to identify and eliminate problem areas.

The Sensors

  • Temperature, Humidity, CO2, VPD
  • Air particulates, thermal imaging
  • Airflow, sunlight, PAR, IR, UV, VL
  • EUGMP certified
  • And many, many more...

Quality Sensors are the key of making accurate data driven decisions

Canobi has more than 100 different sensors, including specific use-cases, such Certification (EUGMP) and environments, e.g. humidity during mushroom production.

We have a long, proven history with our suppliers. If you are looking for a specific application and you do not see it here, please ask us during a demo; it is highly likely we can find what you are looking for or integrate with an existing sensor.

Air quality and Sensors above the grow media:

    • Temperature
      • IP67 rated, accuracy better than 2%, 10 year life span, .3 - 1 sec min interval
    • Humidity
      • IP67 rated, accuracy better than 2%, 10 year life span, operating range 0-100%, .3 - 1 sec min interval
    • High Humidity (Sustained high accuracy above 80% RH)
    • CO2
      • Factory calibrated, better than +/- 50 ppm, operating range 0-10,000 ppm, 10 sec warm-up,  
    • Air flow
    • Nox Gasses
    • PAR
      • IP66 rated, operating range 0 ~ 2500 μmol/m²·s, 400 ~ 700nm,  10 μs response time
    • Visible light, Infra Red, UV
    • Thermal imaging
    • Color
    • Air borne particulates
    • Rotation
    • Sound

Read more about our nutrient sensors, power monitoring and more

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